Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tennesse Chain Saw Massacre..well, not really...

I worked graveyard on Friday night at the nursing home. I had just gotten up about 3:30 pm on Satuday and was coming out of the bathroom, when Lukas came hollering..."Mom, come NOW, Daddy cut himself with a chain saw." So I ran outside, Tom is on the ground holding pressure on his leg...right above the knee. I can't really see how bad it is, cause of blue jeans...I yell for the kids to start getting me scissors, to cut jeans off, water and wet cloth, to clean it to see what is going on, pain medicine for him to go ahead and get it in his system... The scissors were so dull, I could harldly cut the jeans, they brought me a cloth with some water in a pickle jar (HOW was I supposed to get the cloth in that little bitty hole??) and of course when I got it cleaned off, he needed to go to the ER. So, I brushed my teeth while finding shoes, I didn't even comb my hair...but, hey, it was an emergency, right??? Luckily, Teresa was at the ER working, she was the nursign supervisor at the office job I had about 2 years ago. It always makes you feel more comfortable to see someone you know and have them taking care of ya!
The PA asked the kids to step out...they wanted to stay and I asked and he said long as they didn't mind being grossed out...I warned the Morgan and Lukas that if they felt any bit sick or woozy, to let me know...I also told them if I said sit down, for them to sit down right in the floor...I was gonna make sure I didn't see any white lips, pale faces, etc. They both did fine...Lukas went out one time looking for a water fountain, but I didn't think it was because of sickness or anything...well, when the PA got everything sewed up and Lukas put his head on my chest on the verge of tears..."Mommy, I feel like I am gonna puke" OKAY, LETS GET Out of here!!!!! Out of the room we went, and in the middle of the hallway, he started gagging....LUKAS, don't you puke in this floor, THE Bathroom is Right HERE!!!!! I put my hand under his mouth, like I could hold it all in there...
He did make it to the bathroom, and after washing his face with cold water, he got some color back...and we took him outside to get some air... he was okay..but he says he DON"T want to be a Dr. Morgan, on the other hand, is all ready to become a surgeon...she loved it!

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