Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Proof of my craziness!!!!

Okay, before you laugh, let me tell you just like my banner says, sometimes, there are crazy stuff that goes on in my one else probably can't understand it...sometimes, even I don't!!! LOL!
So, the other morning, I was drying my hair, kinda leaning over in the bathroom, and for some reason I glanced at the commode, the plunger had fell over so I saw it too..then I got this HILARIOUS cartoon in my mind and started cracking up! so here goes...

The cartoon has three the first one, you see a person at the store buying the "new ultra super" toilet plunger..."greater suction power than any plunger ever..."

The next frame shows the person at home using it... the last frame will show the septic tank busting up thru the floor...yeah, one powerful plunger....ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!

no wonder FarSide and Close to Home are my favorite cartoons...

I know...whatever!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love my Daddy, Passy and Piggies...

Another Layout I done..this is the new size that I LOVE!!! 6x12! Cool...This is actually a challenge that I put to myself, because I just picked up these two pictures, and used old stuff I had had forever in my big stash of scrapping just a quickie layout to get these pictures scrappers will know exactly what I mean, right!!!!!!
I couldn't help but notice how young Tom looks here...hee hee...he is about 21 here...
You can't realy tell it,but in the last picture, she is chewing on her cute!!! This is Morgan, BTW...

The Lily of the Valley

I have wanted to post some of my scrapbook pages here and didn't have brain enough to figure out how to do it without a scanner...DUH!!! Take a picture of it!!!! So, that is what I done...and here is my recent layout...The picture is taken in the deep mountains of NC.

Contentment, Psalms 23

I actually found this journal entry that I wanted to post here...It is from my Bible Study Journal that I had back in 1992... Pretty cool to go back and read about it...

Friday Nov. 21st, 1992 9:43am

Psalms 23 is gradually becoming my favorite verse in the Bible after I heard Phil Kidd preach and a lady in NC at Sally's church speak on it...

The first verse: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. That is being content with being a Christian, content with what you are. Not wanting anything else in the world or from another "bad shepherd" We shouldn't lust after Satan's playthings. but be satisfied and happy with who we are.

2nd Verse: He maketh me to lie down in green pastures... Jesus gives us food so that we CAN "lie down in peace. Sheep must be 1) not afraid of anything before they can lie down. 2) they must be content 3) they must trust thier Master. We must trust Jesus that he will take care of us when trouble comes.

...He leadeth me beside the still waters. Sheep are very timid creatures. They must have still waters to drink from though it must not be stale. We must be able to trust that our Shepherd will guide us where we belong.

The lady said it was a book written by a sheperd. I'm gonna try to find that book...
{I did find the book and it became one of my favorite...It is entitled "A Shepherd's Look at Psalms 23" It is pretty old...I think the Author is Phillip Kelley...very good book!}

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Picture

Valentine Banquet

Our church had the yearly Valentine Banquet this past Saturday...they always play the newly wed game and since everyone wants to know everything about the Pastor and his wife's relationship :) we had to play...and we won, believe it or not!!!! I don't think we have ever won, even though we have been playing for 6 years!!!! LOL
Some of the questions Tom was asked were...What does your wife do after a stressfull situation... 1. get mad 2. get depressed 3. blame someone else and I don't remember the 4th one...well of course Tom picked get depressed....I knew that is what he would pick, so I picked it to win..I think that I get mad, THEN get depressed...I usually get so furious at situations that are beyond my control, but I want to change them, then I get so down, cause I feel so helpless... yeah, whatever....
If your wife could do one of the following things for $10,000, what would she do??/ 1. Go streaking thru the neighborhood 2. shave her head for a year 3. give up TV for a month 4. tell husband he was right for one whole month. Well, I picked give up TV for a month..I hardly watch any TV anyway...No, I don't want to shave my head, cause my pride would get me...not even for $10,000!!! Heck, my hair is the only thing that looks half decent, well, if you don't count my chest as an assent...LOL No, I would not spend a month telling Tom he was right!!! He would get the $10,000 AND the satisfaction of being right...nope, can't do you know that I was wrong...TOM PICKED GO STREAKING THRU THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! WHAT!!!! I mean, come on!!! How many fat women would just run thru the neighborhood naked??? And you know what his excuse was? That was the quickest way to get the money!!! MEN!!!!!
We had a good time, though..I will try to get pictures posted soon...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

3  things about Me

3 jobs I've had in my life:  Sunday Morning DJ (WRGS), cashier (Food Lion) Substitue Teacher (all grades) Nurse (LPN) 
3 movies I'd watch over and over: Pretty Woman, Sweet Home Alabama,
3 places I've lived:  Kite Rd, Woodland Estates, Chuck Rd
3 shows I watch:  Survivor, CSI, American Idol
3places I've been:   Niagra Falls, St. Louis MO, New Orleans
3 People who Email Me: Ana, Kim, Kristi, Amyla
3 Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chocolate, Turkey & Dressing 
3 places I'd rather be right now: in my warm bed, Disney World, at the beach 
3 Things I am looking FW to: Summer, cause if everything works out, me, Tom and the kids will be off ALOT together!, I usually just like to live Day to Day...cause God holds the future and I have to wait till I get there to see where he wants me to go/be.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The View...

Right now, what do I see?? I am at school, sitting at my desk...I share the office with the technology Teacher at school...we have a rectangle shaped office. It has counter tops all around the edge...she is on one side and I am on the other. It also has cabinets above the counter space on two walls...then there are the windows...Big huge 5 or 6 foot windows...where I can see outside...They stretch about 8 foot long across one of the sides of the rectangle...granted, the view is not that pretty, since I am on the upper level of the school, and all I can see is the roof of the building below me and also some heating units on the roof...But I can see the sky...right now, it is gray and kinda "plumpy" (I know, that is not a word) but it has been raining and there are water droplets on the window... but my eyes always go back to the sky...I am facing north, so I can't usually see the sun, only the shine from it. Oh, and then there is the mountain the far off background there is a mountain range that stretches from one window to the next...So this brings me peace, cause it is always there...stable, no change... Gosh, I am too funny...analyzing what my view is...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February!!!

I am sorry, I have not been in the mood to blog..and been too busy!!! I am actually helping to work on the yearbook here at school and that is taking quite a bit of my "blogging" time...LOL...I also designed the web page for the Greene Co. School System and as soon as it is posted, I will post a link first web page ever..LOL
AND, all the links work...hee hee...(PET PEEVE: a link that doesn't work!!!)
Been a busy day at school...several kids have the pink eye, one kid has something irritating his eye and I had to take his contact out, cause he couldn't' get it...yeah, imagine that with my long fingernails! One kid had a nose bleed all over his kid can't find her glucometer to check her sugar..I am trying to teach the 4th graders about the 5 food groups, a teacher is calling to come to her class to check two kids who she thinks might have fever...the nose bleed child comes back with more blood, but fingerprints...he obviously has been picking his nose and wiping the blood on his shirt!!! ARG!!!! Stop TOUCHING YOUR NOSE!!!!!! LOL Oh, and the hypochondriac teacher just called again and wants me to come to her classroom again!!!! 3rd time today!!! Called a mother about a child using her Albuterol inhaler about 9 times if she needs to be anymore hyper!!!!So, that is my day in a nutshell!!! But usually I don't do much of nothing...must be a full moon. LOL