Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to School Test...

I forgot to mention that I took my COMPASS test for admittance into Walters State Comm. College to at least start working on my RN. I will most definitely have to have some kind of financial assistance, but I am praying this will all work out... so how did I do? I ended up having to take two remedial math classes, (Alg 1 and Alg 2) which is not surprising to me...cause I can't do that stuff, so I need taught! I did pass the English, Reading and Writing part... YA!!!!
I cannot register until the spring session, so that will be in Jan. in the meantime, I am gonna try to CLEP out of several tests...right now I am working on Intro to Psychology. Will keep you posted!

Cifford, the Big Red Dog

Guess who this is???!!! Guess who had a blast???

Monday, September 22, 2008


Using the first letter of my first name to complete the category...harder than it looks
BOY NAME: Samuel
GIRL NAME: Samantha
OCCUPATION: School Nurse
A COLOR: salmon
FOOD: sour krout

Friday, September 19, 2008

My first CPR episode.

First, let me say, it definitely was an experience! I had heard people talk of what happens in CPR, heck, I even am a CPR instructor. I teach the class...and, I have seen it done in the ER with a healthy man on a stiff ER table....but nothing had prepared me for the experience I had last evening. Pressing on the chest of an old, debilitated body was nothing like compressing on the "Annie" dummy. So, here's the story..
I am at work, I hear someone yell, "Call it, Call the code" When I noted that it was my patient, I took off to the room...Another nurse had beat me there, and she immediately started CPR. As I stood and attempted to ask the resident if he was okay, I hear his ribs cracking....I expected that, but really didn't expect to "hear" them. She compressed about 4 times, and stepped away to reach the ambu bag...I start in compressing... I totally expected the bones to be already broken and no more to break...Unfortunately, I was wrong...Each time I compressed, I felt the bones crack and break, numerous times underneath the pressure. It was literally like I was crushing the person's bones into a million pieces!!!! I know, this is harsh, but after about 4 compressions, the other nurse was back and said, Sherry, do you want me to relieve you? I say, "yes, please...I have never done this before..!" I didn't have time to think of the feelings I was having, as I continued the ambu bag, and other things waiting on the EMS. When they arrived, they hooked him up to the defibrillator...I thought, oh my gosh, am I gonna be able to watch this?? Am I gonna be able to watch as his body comes off the bed???? When they say all clear, I am thinking, okay, do I look or turn away?? What do I do??? Fortunatly, they had some sort of rhythmn so I didn't have to see that... But I will tell you a funny part...they asked for a suction machine... so I ran out the door to get them one from our crash cart...came back in, wasn't in the room for no more than 1 minute and they asked for a different tip for the, I ran back out to get it, was looking up the hallway, grabbed for the drawer to pull it open, and already had my body in a backward motion when I realized that the cart had been moved... so down I went, right on my butt in the middle of the hallway....It was totally hilarious!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sitting, Relaxing with my Ipod

Last night, Tom was at work...he had to work till about 10:30....I was stressed...just because things weren't in my control...(imagine that!!!?) (BTW, Tom always says I have a problem going to plan B, but that is a whole other story) Anyway, the kids had went on to bed...Morgan went at 7:30 and Lukas went to bed at 8:00pm...they were totally worn out...I could clean house...nope, too stressed...I could make up bed...nope, gonna sleep in it soon...I could watch TV... nope, nothing on that interests me...So, I grab my Ipod and slip out the door...It is about 70 degrees outside so I plug in my ipod and lean back in the chair and listen...and look at the sky... saw millions on millions of stars..the sky was black with white dots...beautiful!!!! I saw several planes go by and wondered who was on many people were in the sky above my head...where were they going? What were they thinking...
Listened to music...some praise and worship music...looked at the creation and what God had created...
Needless to say, I wasn't stressed anymore...who cares if I am not in control of things...I don't need to let it bother me!!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Lukas got a call from his coach the other night after practice...but he was already in the bed, so I took the message...He made me proud...Coach said that Lukas had done a great job during tackling drills today and that he was showing improvement over last year (he played tight end) and that more than likely he had earned him a place on defense...
now, I asked Tom what this meant, cause even though I know quite a bit about football, I wondered how this ranked....obviously, your defense is a good "side" to be on...I mean, you are stopping the other team, right....? Anyway, made Momma proud!