Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day,2014

Today, is Monday- 2 days after Morgan turned 18 years old... so Mom decided to have a cookout... cause Morgan goes back to college tonight... She amazes me that she is so much like me.. She was mad today because I read her birthday cards from Tim and Helen and from Mom... My mother made the comment that I was the same way when I was her age... I guess she thinks she is "independent" now.. I probably thought the same thing.  She was very grouchy... I couldn't say anything to satisfy her... LOL But you know me, I am just me-- not trying to satisfy anyone...

So I was supposed to go to school tonight- but I didn't- when my family is visiting, those moments are so few, I will miss school for that... I hardly ever get time to spend with Lacey and Anthony and Tim and Helen and the girls, so I will miss school to spend time with them... Tim didn't act like he felt that great today- wasn't in his cheerful mood...

Me and Lacey and Lukas laughed so hard tonight, I literally am sore... we laughed at Mom and the things she told the kids when they were young... she said she felt like the kids need to know things, so she just told them... so Lukas says that when he was 6 years old, Mother told him be careful, because a {family friend} might try to screw him in the butt..!!!! For real?!?!?!?  Mother!!!!! She said, well, kids need to know! I told her to please not tell Jaida and Shelbie things of this nature!  Oh brother... so anyway, me and Lacey laughed and laughed at her- bless her-- so naïve...

Work is so stressful but I wonder sometime if it is even worth all the stress... I just don't know...


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