Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Easter 08

I guess it is time for an update, right?? Easter has come and gone and Morgan had a hard day. I think she wanted the hunt to be as exciting as it always was, and it wasn't...cause she is growing up...okay, so she had a fun time coloring eggs, was in a good mood...Tim, Helen and Anthony went to hide Eggs, she was excited...she goes out to she is hunting...

Then, I went to take more pictures of her, after taking some pictures of Jaida and Lukas...and here is what I find...

She is lying on the porch what? Who knows? I really don't think she knows.
I kept asking her and so did everyone else...but all we got was "I'm TIRED!!!" or "I'm MAD!"
She didn't know I took the one day, when she gets about 34 with a daughter that acts just like me and her, I will have to show her!!! LOL Mamaw Chris asked her why she poured out her basket and she replied...."cause I like busting them like this!" and proceeded to bust an egg in her fist. Bless its heart, she is going thru puberty and doesn't feel she has a place in this world right now...NO, BLESS my HEart!!!! I am the one who is gonna be crazy by the time she is grown! I can't help but laugh sometimes, cause it is all so dramatic...of course, Mom keeps telling me it is all coming home to me...!!! ARG!

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