Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our only Christmas picture

We took pictures at Tom's family Christmas. Here is the only one we took of us this Christmas all together.

I then took some photographs of Tom's nieces...Kandise, who is in college at Memphis, Sierra who is in 8th grade and Sadie who is a Junior at high school. I think they are beautiful.

Cold December night...Random thoughts

I hate the cold...but as long as I am safe in my house and warm, I can deal with it...
Not sure why that came out...anyway, the kids just came running in her yelling "she barked, she barked" Sheba had obviously barked and they got so excited that I am sure she thought she did something wrong. How cute...
Tom likes to play with her in our bed. Of course, you know I am totally disgusted by this and absolutely refuse to let her come on my side of the bed. But she does have my heart, at least a little.

I have been off from work for almost two weeks...flat broke and looking fw to going back to work. I was praying tonight and was thinking how that the Lord had provided for us while I was off work... I will miss this coming paycheck and I know the Lord will take care of it for us. I sometimes get too excited and think that we are not going to make it, but HE always comes thru.

I am gonna TRY to blog more this far, I am doing pretty good...just hope you don't get bored hearing about my life...
I would like you to leave me a comment if you stop by, so I know I am not blogging in vain, God forbid...LOL, I think I would blog even if no one read it...I just like to journal...always anyway, leave me a comment.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Did I ever say how much I HATE animals in the house...??? I can't stand it, I like cleanliness!!!!
I told Morgan that I coudn't wait till she and Lukas got at least 5 years old, cause that way, I didn't have to diaper them, wipe thier butt, feed them, clean up after them...etc. I am such a horrible person, I know, but I just don't like things I have to clean up after.
Now, TOM, on the other hand, would live in pure dog poop, I anyway, what got me so upset??? I had to come home today and the house had two piles of poop in it and it smelled bad!!! So that made me in a bad mood...yes, I know, the kids cleaned up after the dog, but still just the mess in my house...

Now, switching channels here...the puppy is so cute...I can't deny it. I just love it! Tom gave her a bath last night and she was mad at him and buried her head in the towel and wouldn't look at him...he went to her and lifted up her chin, but she just buried her head again! It was sooo cute... okay, so here is her picture...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Member of our family...

Well, Tom can't go for many days without a we drove for two hours to get a dog...a Mastiff. A 10 week old puppy. It is so cute...or should I say "she". She has been given the name, Queen of Sheba. She is registered. She will grow to be huge. Which we all tend to like large dogs in our family. We have done alot of research on this type of dog and it is going to be a different experience. They are quiet and reserved by nature. And it is so funny, cause this puppy has been here two days and we have only heard her whine a few times. She is so content just to lay around and sleep or do nothing. She is so cuddly and likes to love. I will post a picture of her sometime tomorrow.
If you can remember the movie, Turner and Hooch, this is a type of Mastiff in this movie...
We had to take her to church with us this morning since we stay in JC all day. She was content to stay in the car in her cage during church. Of course we let her out after church. She is just such a good puppy and I can't get over that...after Esther and Mordecia as puppies...they were everywhere and into everything!!!!
Sheba is the runt of the litter and she is small compared to her brother, whom we also got to see; this makes her seem more spoiled!!!!!
Okay, will post a photo soon!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

In Memory...

I am heartbroken as I write this...Our family dog of 11 years has passed away.

Alot of you remember the 3 legged Rottwieler that we had. Her name was Esther.

It was very hard on us as a family, even though we knew her life expectancy was nearing an end and she had already outlived all of her siblings.

Last Saturday, we realized that we hadn't saw her in the past 10 or 12 hours. So we started making phone calls around to the neighbors and Dad stated that on Thursday, he had pulled her up out of the creek, thinking that she was stuck there. I doubted the stuck part, as she never had any problems getting anywhere with her 3 legs, but he did mention that she didn't get up and he just left her lying there. As Tom got home on that Saturday night, he went out in the rain and looked for her for about an hour. It was dark and he couldn't see that well...I called and called for her, the kids did the same. Several times, we broke down. Knowing that she woudl never run off, nor leave. The next day being Sunday, we were gone all day. We left food out, just in case she did make it to the porch. Sunday night, there was no sign on her and no one else in the neighborhood had saw her either. Monday we were sad; Morgan cried several times, but Lukas seemed to handle it well. On Wendnesday, Lukas and I went looking for her again during the day. Tom and I knew at this point that she was dead, we just had to find her body. I saw Tom's vehicle pull in the driveway that evening, but he never came in the house. I got a phonecall from him in the yard. It was Tom and he had found her. She had been lying in the creek, like she always did. She loved the creek and the water of any kind. I told Lukas we had found her and with tears flowing down my cheeks, I went outside to be with Tom. I knew this was gonna be hard for Tom, as his dog to him, is like a child. He just gets so attatched and Esther had definitely been his favorite dog, and one whom he had been with the longest. He met me and hugged me and we just stood quietly waiting on Luke. (Morgan was on a trip) In a second or two, he burst out of the house and with a wildly determined look, ran to the place where Tom had lain her. I think, by the look on his face, he thought she was still alive. He ran to her and stopped abruptly. Then immediatley turned and started bawling.

We stood silently crying as Tom finished digging her grave and I held him. He sobbed quietly the whole time.

For two days, he has done nothing but talk of her and complain of his stomach. I am sure it has upset him more deeply than we know.

Esther WAS the best dog I ever had!!!!