Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Friday, September 17, 2010

A new word for Webster...

Morgan was talking to me the other day and said "Momma, she was just spilling her guts to me and talking so was like WORD VOMIT"

Needless to say, I burst out laughing...Word and Vomit together are hilarious to me!
yeah, she's crazy! Here is a pic of her on her 14th birthday! She took some friends me and her and her and her daddy are also...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mom's Flower Garden

My mother is a flower fanatic...but she only likes the ones that comes back year after year...oh, and they have to be simple...require no care... you just gotta know Mom...anyway, I would love to have a garden like this...despite me hinting several times for her to transplant to mine...I might get one new plant a year...and it likely gets mowed down by Lukas...or even weedeated (is that a word?) by Mom when she decides to weedeat my whole entire property...(yeah, cause I don't have time...playing single mom card here...) and she forgets that she gave it to me and it is just a "messy weeed" that needs destroyed....Anyway, the point...Morgan went over one morning and took some pictures...just for the fun of it...and I put them into a turned out really beautiful!!! (Morgan is getting good at this photography thing...)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After posting Peace from God

LOL, it is so funny...after I sat down and took the time to blog how good God was to me on Friday, by Saturday night, I was at my sis in law's house crying from stress overload!!! I knew it was satan. Honestly, he has put an all out attack against me and it is kinda funny, cause no matter what, I am not gonna quit...and basically, I don't have time to fight with the
So anyway, you wanna hear something funny?? This is how bad it is...
I got pulled over for not stopping all the way at a 4 way stop...well, yes, I got a ticket...but also GOT MY LICENSE TAKEN AWAY!!!!!! yes, I am driving with no DL's! There was some kind of mix up from my tags when I got the car back in October...and I thought I had it all fixed...but obviously not, cause my license are revoked!!!
The two trees outside my house that are probably 100 years old are dead...I'm afraid the wind will blow and top of them will fall on house, or worse, someone! well, to get these huge trees cut down, it will be a pretty sum of money...
I go today to try to get my license back...after all is said and done...gonna cost me around 500$$$ (including the ticket for the stop sign)...yeah, satan, bring it on...LOL
oh yeah, and this aint even half the things I have been slammed with in the past week...I mean, it is really getting to the point that I am just laughing...wondering how much more the devil will throw on me...

Peace from God

Blogged this Friday night, but didn't have internet access...
I have said over and over that thru all this mess that I now call my Life, that God has been there over and over for me. Today, I experienced that once again.
I boldly made a statement to a friend that I no longer felt a burden to pray for a certain overwhelming problem of mine… well, because I felt it was gonna be taken care of…I felt peace about the whole situation that was a “new peace” you know, the peace that says to you that God is gonna take care of it and it’s okay…well, low and behold, within 2 hours of verbalizing about that, satan was there to try and get me upset. Imagine that??!!! LOL
I immediately got sick to my stomach…but then got control of myself in the next few seconds…not wanting to let satan have an inch…but you know how it is…as long as you are talking to someone about being strong, you are…, right?? But as soon as you are alone, those thoughts start running thru your mind again. So I am on an hour road trip and I have a chance to have a couple conversations…with God, myself and satan. I started thinking about how God has brought me thus far, and how there is no way I can say that God wants me to give up…I said, devil, you can’t stop God’s plan, I don’t care what you do, or how much you target me… you might as well get thee behind me!!!!!! I turned on the CD player and the song was on, “Too much to gain to loose” …It totally blessed me and I played it like about 4 times in a row…I thought how that, yes, I have carried a burden for awhile, but that’s okay, I’m not only learning as a Christian, but I’m growing too…I thought how that God knows how bad that I want his will…and that with my past experience, God can take the desire of my heart away if it is not his will… so, then the next song was “It is Well” (not the old version) but the one about the story in the Bible of the son of a Shuman woman who dies and as she is on the way to get the Man of God (Elijah), they ask her how she is and even though her son is dead, she answers, it is well… So no matter what is going on in my life, it is well… So by this time, I am really rejoicing in His spirit… the sweet comfort of the Holy Spirit got in the car with me…
At church, as I sit in the pew, I am just glad to be there…glad that I can focus my mind on something other than anatomy and cells and bones… LOL. It gets even sweeter when church starts…I am so blessed just being there…just being able to focus on God…yes, I have not been able to focus much on His word this past week…School is eating up all my brain cells. LOL So it was sooo refreshing to just tune it all out and focus on God…
Now, truly, this was enough for me…God could have stopped right there and that would have been enough for me…but MY God goes above and beyond what we can ever think or ask…during the preaching tonight, the last point of the message about the fisherman on the sea, was how that Jesus directed them to a specific place…Our prayers should not be generalized…but specific…not “Lord, help my neighbors to get saved, but Lord, help me witness to Mr. Jones…” etc… but I was taken back to the time about 8 months ago, when on my way to school, God showed me to quit just praying generically for His will, but to ask for what I wanted. I was bawling by the time I got to school, just mostly rejoicing that God had shown me to be specific…God showed me numerous people in the Bible who ask for exactly what they needed. Hannah ask for a son..yeah, they thought she was crazy, but she approached God boldly…Esther approached the King boldly….He even tells us to come boldly before the throne of grace…so that morning, 8 months ago, I approached the throne and took my petition before God.
Now, to bring all this together…after the attack from satan today, I was feeling really doubtful as to what God’s plan was…was I following the right path…which way should I go…etc…God gave me peace in the car while driving…and to be honest, that was enough…But…tonight, in the message, God reminded me of the time he wanted me to be specific about my need. And the sweet peace was one again overwhelming…does that make sense? Can you have so much peace, you are overwhelmed? LOL I am just amazed at what God does for me…
I couldn’t thank God enough for just these little things…I like to blog about them, cause sometimes, going back and reading them is a good way to put satan on the move…LOL and to be honest… I’m not a writer…I can’t write and make you feel it in your soul…I wish I could…but like the song…it’s a joy “unspeakable”

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love this quote

I love this quote on Adultery and Fornication...

Another way to put it in the animal kingdom is, "A wise Monkey is a Monkey who never Monkeys with another Monkey's, Monkey.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School Nursing for Dummies

Okay, I am laughing....My office partner says I should write a book...I just love the excuses the kids come up to see the nurse. I have had a lot of "patients" this morning...which is unusual in itself...but the first 5 needed to hear the story about the boy who cried Wolf...but overall, you got to laugh...
  • There was the little Hispanic boy who had broke both thumbs..., BTW, yesterday, it was only the left one, although he could make a fist without, both of them were broke...but nope, daddy didn't take him to the ER...there is no swelling or loss of movement, so I bet an xray is not needed till school is out...
  • Then there's the older child who has pulled some muscles and wants to call home...but when I offer Tylenol or Ibuprofen, just the mention of these pain relief tabs obviously is all he needed,cause he suddenly got to feeling better...and said so...Wow! (try this technique more often...)
  • The child who had chest pain the first hour and really needed to go home but don't call Mom, call Mamaw... and the next hour had vomiting, but she held it in so as not to get it on her desk...(now if she could train all the rest of the student body this trick...)
  • oh, and the "thumb-broked" little boy came back up, this time with the complaint of "gonna puke". No temp, so I sent him back to class...(if you puke, you have to show an adult...and...if you pick a scab and cause bleeding you don't get a band-aid either)
  • An older child is next with the complaint of coughing and sore throat...needs Temp checked, cause if he doesn't have a fever, then's he's in trouble...what do you devise from this?? Oh, well that would be obviously he is coughing exceedingly in class to make other classmates laugh...and teacher put a stop to that real quick...
All this happened before 10am...what a day...Finally did get a child with a small amount of blood and another with a my advice is..if you go into school nursing, these precious children will make you's priceless!!!!

Then there is the funny things...the stories that possibly couldn't be true..but after listening to Weirdo Wednesday news, you have go to wonder...
  • The child who's grandmother passed away yesterday who was 100 years old and lived in Egypt.
  • The child who kept talking about his dead father...which I believed...but when asked how he died, he said, "either drugs or he was eaten by snakes"... WHAT?? ROFLOL
  • the child who flies in an airplane everyday from China to her school here, just because it is a good school.
  • the child who had a heart attack last night...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My busy life

Just a quick update here on my blog, cause I haven't had a chance to post lately. I'm SOOO busy...I know I have said that over and over on here, but really, I function better like that!!! Keeps my mind off certain things...if you know what I mean!
But, I think I have almost bit off more than I can chew...but I'm not backing down...I decided at the end of last semester that I could handle 3 classes...FORgetting, that at the beginning of the last semester, I thought the same thing with 2 classes... :-)
So, I took 2 classes online and 1 class on campus, which has class 2 times per week.
needless to say, with church, church activities, both kids are in basketball, class 2 nights per week, working 5 days a week, mommy stuff (laundry, house, supper, etc) I am worn to a frazzle most of the time. I know there are friends who think I have abandoned them...LOL, I haven't...just don't have time! Do I plan on slowing down? No...not a chance!!!!!
So for my online classes, I'm taking English Comp and Computer Science...which usually have assignments due every day of the week. And on campus I'm taking my Algebra that I am so happy I am conquering!
I do have a dream. I hope that in about 4 years, I can look back and see that I have reached my goal. I want to be a FNP by 2013; or at least very close. That is if all goes as planned...but you know how that goes when you try to plan your life. I tried that once...that didn't just gonna have a goal to work toward and we will see how it comes along. Hey, everyone has to have something to work toward,right???
Morgan and Lukas are great...they are such strong children...I have never been any prouder than I am of them at this point in their life. They pull their share at home, they are trusting in God, and I am just soooo proud of them. They are only seeing their father about once every 2 weeks at this point, and I think it is better this way...keeps them less upset...
Well, better run, got lots of homework to do!!