Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Has been a very long time since I have even been in the mood to post.  Since I am at my new job, I hope to post more.  I quit the Director of Nursing job (on my bucket list) and moved to another job that was on my bucket list... I work in Trauma/Surgical ICU. I have been here since March- 10 months, and I will have to be honest, I don't like it like I thought I would.  I work night shift, so it is kinda slow and at times, absolutely boring.  I don't usually get excited about coming to work, like I did at the Assisted Living.  So, I love to get a new admit in who has been in a car wreck or other trauma... don't like the medical ICU as much yet, as I feel inadequate- it's a whole new world... Tonight I am pulled to the Medical stepdown unit due to staffing shortage.  I have 3 pts.
Have a little Alzheimer's Dementia lady... she's got some sundowning going on and is right now agitated and anxious/angry.. so cute cause she used the words- "what in the thunder"-- I hadn't heard that phrase in a long time.  She also had passed out and was brought to the hospital and now she can't remember it.. she keeps asking me why she didn't know about it-- I said, honey, you were sick... she said- in a very hateful voice- " I didn't know one THANG about it!!" So cute!!! Makes me miss my little dementia unit at the assisted living. 
Tom is pastoring at a church in Rogersville.  Bethel Baptist. We love it and love the people.  He has been there 2 years...
Morgan is in college at ETSU-
Luke is a Junior and is courting hot and heavy... well, he will tell you he isn't...
That's my boring life in a nut shell!!!

Hiking at Horse Creek

( Forgot to post on date this happened in the summer...)Today, after sleeping till 2pm, me, Helen, and the girls go hiking.   Parked at end of Horse Creek Rd in the parking area, got out of the car, walked straight in front of the car to the creek. I began to explain to the girls how to 'creek walk'. You know, like how to steady your foot, check the rock for stability before putting all your weight on it, etc. And within 2 min, I fell in slow motion, right into the creek!!!!! Got wet all the way to my shouldersπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„... I literally die laughing at myself and forget my hipbag is still in the water with my phone in itπŸ˜’ Took lots of pictures, the girls built a rock statue, had a picnic by the creek... so much fun!!!!!
Shelbie leaned over a log dam in the creek and fell into 4 foot water! By the time I turned around, she was coming up to the top! Freaked us out! Jaida had screamed was the reason I even turned around!!!!!!
 They were so excited to see all the different plants and things in nature.  It was so good to take them along.
In the fall, we took a trip to Cumberland Gap... that was an awesome trip also... Will post pictures... we were worn out after that trip- it was strenuous at times and we ended up walking quite a distance.  Was able to be in 3 states at once... Where TN, VA and KY come together... so cool!