Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After posting Peace from God

LOL, it is so funny...after I sat down and took the time to blog how good God was to me on Friday, by Saturday night, I was at my sis in law's house crying from stress overload!!! I knew it was satan. Honestly, he has put an all out attack against me and it is kinda funny, cause no matter what, I am not gonna quit...and basically, I don't have time to fight with the
So anyway, you wanna hear something funny?? This is how bad it is...
I got pulled over for not stopping all the way at a 4 way stop...well, yes, I got a ticket...but also GOT MY LICENSE TAKEN AWAY!!!!!! yes, I am driving with no DL's! There was some kind of mix up from my tags when I got the car back in October...and I thought I had it all fixed...but obviously not, cause my license are revoked!!!
The two trees outside my house that are probably 100 years old are dead...I'm afraid the wind will blow and top of them will fall on house, or worse, someone! well, to get these huge trees cut down, it will be a pretty sum of money...
I go today to try to get my license back...after all is said and done...gonna cost me around 500$$$ (including the ticket for the stop sign)...yeah, satan, bring it on...LOL
oh yeah, and this aint even half the things I have been slammed with in the past week...I mean, it is really getting to the point that I am just laughing...wondering how much more the devil will throw on me...


darinda white said...

wow sorry to hear that about your license,sometimes when i have one of those day's when everything goes wrong.I have learned to just sit back and laugh at it all.And pray that tomm will bring a brighter day.

Cherilynn said...

Oh Sherry!
I wish I had some wisdom to share! I will keep you in my prayers!!

Love ya!!