Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Little Lover...

I think of the little rascals and can see Alfalfa saying "I'm a lover, not a fighter" when I think about Lukas and his actions this past weekend...
First off, you should know that he spends more time in front of the mirror than Morgan does... his clothes has to be "stylin" and he takes great pride in how he looks in the that said, at the football game Friday night, he and Tom went to the Cherokee ballgame... he let Lukas go a couple of risers down to sit with friends. The next thing you know, Lukas has one girl sitting at his side and ONE ON HIS LAP!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!??? Tom says he just kept watching them....but never said anything to him...
He says he is dating a girl at school also. I noted on his homework that he had a little booklet that asked about what he liked most about school. He put "all my friends, and that I am dating one of them."
Then, last night, we were talking about his day and he is speaking of the girl that was sitting on his lap and he says, "every time I looked at her, she was just smiling this little smile...she was cracking me up."
The boy acts just like his DADDY!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Started...

Well, back to the old consists of...

Finally getting back in a routine
Early alarm clocks (four goes off in our house each morning)
Football practice
Volleyball practice
Lukas shower each night
Morgan shower each morning
Cook supper or not???
Sign Homework folders
Get snacks for the day each morning
Spelling words
Math facts
State Capitals
Lunch money
Read AR books!
New friends, old faces
New schedules
Tired all the time
Rushed weekends!


Great Aunts are supposed to be old! They are supposed to be very old...remembering the civil war or World War I....I mean, not a lot of people have great aunts...I think I did when I was little...I remember Aunt Sally on my Dad's side...I had a few others, but I only vaguely remember their names and sure don't remember what they look like! I have 2 great aunts still alive on my mother's side...but like I said, they are historic...well, anyway...
Sierra had her baby yesterday...she is fine and he is beautiful....his name is Lofton (SP?) Xavier Looney...what a pretty name...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts I want to share of other Pastors Wives...

" Being married to a Pastor has it’s challenges but it also has a multitude of blessings. It is a humbling thing to be married to a man of God who is called to shepherd the people of God. To come along side of him as his helpmeet, to encourage, to pray for, to lift him up in prayer and serve the Almighty God together. Although there are times of trial, being married to a Pastor has been one of the greatest blessings of my life."
This is exactly how I feel...she said it great!

"Pastors may feel prepared for the lifestyle, but, says one study, 84% of wives don't. "I had no clue how to be a pastor's wife," says Amy Andrews, 32, a mother of two in Rochester, N.Y. After nine years, "I still don't." (from a TIME mag article)

I thought I knew what it was like to be a Pastor's wife...I mean, I had lived all my life in a Pastor's home! What else could there be?? Well, I NEVER had an idea!!!! I mean, what really strikes me most is the Mother Hen feeling that me and Tom have toward the church...we don't want anyone to hurt them or destroy them. When God used the word 'Shepherd', it was totally true...cause I can't imagine how much more that Tom feels like this...

My B/P today...

Is 145/ healthy there, Sherry! Don't fuss! I am starting on a new medication tonight! I know, I am a nurse and I should know better!!! Well, like I said, I am taking care of it! I do have a headache!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

OMG, He really CARES about ME!!!

I have had a few very "away from God" weeks in the past month...thoughts running rapid thru my mind of evil things, people distracting me from the Christian way, and I had gotten pretty low, in fact, that Tom even commented on my "God relationship". Well, as alot of you know, if Tom tells me something that I know is true,but don't want him to comment on, I am gonna either die trying to deny it or try to fix whatever is wrong...well, it just frustrates me in myself that Tom would say anything....Anyway, I had this problem, went to Bible study and asked for prayers...and obviously someone got ahold of God for me...On last Thurs night,I grabbed a devotional book beside my bed and started to spoke of how if you continue to do something even when your conscience is telling you "No", that eventually it will quit bothering you...(well, I knew that, but you know how it is when you want to do something and try every way to justify) On Friday, I opened the Bible to read a scripture and Man, oh Man, did that hit home also!!!! I mean wow!!! Was this God talking or what??? So I started thinking on Sunday morning as I awoke, how good God was to care about me and even take the time to remind me of where I was wrong...well, then, as I got to Sunday School, we were late, of course, I walked in and the teacher was teaching once again, exactly on the scripture I read on Friday...His last statement really got matter what you do, it will not affect only you! It will affect everyone around you...Talk about God REALLY speaking to now I am thinking how awesome He is!! I mean, he took the time to Show me...a person who should already know... that He cares for me...Tom's message on Sunday night was especially for me too... it made me realize that it was just the Devil tempting me and trying to get me to fail and no matter what, I can make it!!! So, I feel really know, people can tell you all your life that God cares for you, but when you realize it in ways like this, it means soo much!

Old Woman at Hollister

This is sooo unimportant, but I thought it was weird...ok, so I am at the Mall at Hollister switching an item and they have two cash registers side by the other register, beside me, there is this old woman who is at least 65 with a bottle of cologne...she has a receipt and claims that she purchased the cologne there yesterday and when she got it home, it was half used...the cashier confirmed that it had indeed been opened and scanned a new bottle...that is when it showed up on the screen that it was the wrong wasn't even the same kind of cologne she had with, go make up your own reasoning behind this...did she know that?? Had grandson set her up??? what exactly was her story???!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doing my civic duty.../Donating blood

I actually went to the nursing home today and gave blood...first time I have ever gave seems that a nurse should have done this before, and I have wanted to for a long time, but it never was, I figured that this time I would make time and just go....So I did...usually needles don't bother me and I was actually reading Lukas' T-cap grades and it did hurt, but I didn't look...I usually watch the stick...but didn't watch this time just anyway, I did look down right before she took the needle out and it literally freaked me out!!!!! I think it was bigger than an 18 gauge!!! Does any of you medical people know what size needle is used??? I mean, this needle was bigger than a pencil lead!!!!! HUGE!!!! I am glad I didn't look before she stuck me or I would have passed out.