Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Saturday, January 28, 2006

One Word

Today at work, we were taking a poll....If you had one word to describe you, what
would it be? So I have thought and thought...
Yes, I have a crazy side, but I also have a serious side...
Fun, but I can also be a stern "no kidding" type.
I like to laugh. I also like to cry sometimes, cause it cleanses my soul.
I can also be sincere, but on the other hand, I always try to see the humor
in things.
I like to be alone, with no one around...quite and peaceful; but sometimes
I like loud music and loud volumes of voices, noises, etc. I do have to be in
the mood to party.

Several people at work quickly offered thier opinion. Among them were
haughty, brassy, fun-loving,flirty, bubbly.
I don't agree with all of these...Haughty??? Well, maybe I am...or maybe
I am just very confident in who I am ...Brassy??? Well, I DO like to be
noticed, whethere it is what I have on or how I smell or just a look from someone
that lets me know they did notice. But is that brassy???
Fun loving...I really don't see how...HA! I can be fun, but I do not classify
myself as easy to love in a friendship or by a lover. I frequently put up
a wall to keep others out. My children are probably the only ones to say
that they can love and be loved by me unconditionally. Hmmm..that's strange...
I have never noticed or thought about that to myself. Why do I build a wall between
me and and Tom or me and friends?
FLirty...well, I won't comment much on this one. I call it friendly, not shy, or bubbly.
Flirty is being seductive, or sultry.
So one word...that turns into several words which quickly turn into
a paragragh that describes me...

So which one best describes me? I am not sure,I will have to give it much more thought. I AM WAY TOO COMPLICATED!!!!!