Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I got to have my Daddy all to myself!!!!! It was just a selfish wish, but I longed for the times I could again sit and talk to my Dad like old times when I was at home...With all his depression, and his house building and other things, I rarely get to have more than a small talk conversation with has probably been over 3 years since I have actually had a long conversation with him...maybe even longer, cause when you have Mom and the kids and my brothers and Tom around, I have to share him...Tonight, Tom had asked Daddy to preach at the church as he had meetings till late in the evening and wouldn't be able to attend... Just so happen, Mom had to go to the Nursing home to help with the care of an elderly lady...So Dad decides to ride with me to church. Of course the kids were with us, but we just talked about everything and just chit chatted and I just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
I have always been a Daddy's girl but as you get older with husbands and kids, you just don't get to sit and be the center of his attention... ( I tend to want to be the center of everyone's world at times LOL) Daddy always seemed to understand me more than Mom...One reason was because Dad was smart and wise, whereas Mom has never held a public job cause she has never had to work...I sometimes get mad at Tom cause I feel he should take the place of my Dad in that he should "know everything". No matter what as a child or adolescent I asked my Dad, he always knew and could give me a good answer...Looking back and being a parent myself now, I realize he could have been bullcrapping about it all!! LOL I can ask Tom something and he doesn't know, then I get frustrated and tell him that Daddies know something about everything and he at least needs to give me some type of answer...Tom also can't help a lady like Daddy... If I am crossing ice or needing help in any way, Daddy had the strongest arm...could just keep his arm steady as a rock...Tom isn't that way and I fuss at him to "help me like Daddy does".
I guess the old saying is woman can take the place of your Mom, but it is also true that no Man can take the place of your Dad!!!
I thank God for letting me see Dad as the strong, normal man once more...Almost 6 months ago, I thought I would never see him as normal again...Tonight he was so normal, it was wonderful!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are luckey to have a Daddy like Wayland. He is wise. He has always been, and will always be that way. Believe me I have known him forever. :)