Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

50+ things I Love

This list was actually started on Feb 10, I was adding a few things the other night, I kinda got depressed thinking that I couldn't even come up with 100 things in this life that I LOVE, then I remembered how I only wanted to put the most special things on this list...These are not necessarily in order...

  1. Morgan's hair after I first wash and dry it
  2. Chocolate
  3. Ocean/saltwater smell
  4. Lukas' giggle
  5. Tom's dimple ( I will never let him know I said this....)
  6. Being a Mom
  7. scrapbooking
  8. clean fresh sheets
  9. music of almost any kind
  10. fresh cut grass
  11. crisp fall morning
  12. hot chocolate chip cookies
  13. snow!!!!
  14. a good joke
  15. laughing hard
  16. flirting....(I did NOT just type this!!!! I am not a flirt, just friendly!!!)
  17. journaling
  18. a four course meal
  19. sunshine
  20. flower gardens
  21. vacations
  22. playing the piano
  23. singing in harmony
  24. my hair (on good hair daysLOL)
  25. afternoon nap
  26. baby smell
  27. teaching (about anything/whatever)
  28. memories of my mamaw
  30. taking pictures
  31. the beginning of spring
  32. Italian food
  33. cold drinking water
  34. Tom's blue eyes (Don't tell him this either!!!!)
  35. Christmas trees
  36. being hugged by Morgan
  37. Lukas' dimple that matches Tom's
  38. making my kids laugh
  39. hot buttered biscuits...(how many food items has made it to this list...???
  40. Church chior singing
  41. hearing the national anthem
  42. a mad bull
  43. Morgan's blue eyes
  44. Nursing
  45. Swimming
  46. Waterfalls
  47. Morgan's sense of humor
  48. Tom's muscles.....(don't laugh)
  49. Geriatric patients
  50. Bible Study
  51. a Coca-Cola from a glass bottle
  52. floating on the lake at dusk on the boat
  53. sleeping while driving...(or should I say riding?? LOL)

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