Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Banquet

Our church had the yearly Valentine Banquet this past Saturday...they always play the newly wed game and since everyone wants to know everything about the Pastor and his wife's relationship :) we had to play...and we won, believe it or not!!!! I don't think we have ever won, even though we have been playing for 6 years!!!! LOL
Some of the questions Tom was asked were...What does your wife do after a stressfull situation... 1. get mad 2. get depressed 3. blame someone else and I don't remember the 4th one...well of course Tom picked get depressed....I knew that is what he would pick, so I picked it to win..I think that I get mad, THEN get depressed...I usually get so furious at situations that are beyond my control, but I want to change them, then I get so down, cause I feel so helpless... yeah, whatever....
If your wife could do one of the following things for $10,000, what would she do??/ 1. Go streaking thru the neighborhood 2. shave her head for a year 3. give up TV for a month 4. tell husband he was right for one whole month. Well, I picked give up TV for a month..I hardly watch any TV anyway...No, I don't want to shave my head, cause my pride would get me...not even for $10,000!!! Heck, my hair is the only thing that looks half decent, well, if you don't count my chest as an assent...LOL No, I would not spend a month telling Tom he was right!!! He would get the $10,000 AND the satisfaction of being right...nope, can't do you know that I was wrong...TOM PICKED GO STREAKING THRU THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! WHAT!!!! I mean, come on!!! How many fat women would just run thru the neighborhood naked??? And you know what his excuse was? That was the quickest way to get the money!!! MEN!!!!!
We had a good time, though..I will try to get pictures posted soon...

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