Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Friday, May 15, 2009

my wednesday morn.

first off. Im typing with a hand and a half....which means that one arm is in a sling and the hand is sticking out enough to therefore, maybe no punctuation,capitalization, etc.
now. I am one of those chronically late people. i'm always late for everything, but I do try,
I really do. and that is where I get into trouble. I drive yes, I was driving about 70ish or faster on the way to school. and for the record, this is my first wreck...but a car was coming around the curve and I tried to slow down on my side of the road,but my wheel dropped off the pavement. and I did struggle to bring it back under control for a good 200-400 in the road is a big S skid mark. I then saw that I wasnt' gonna get it under control and hit a culvert and at that point, not sure what happened next...I knew the van was rolling..and I knew everything was being thrown. I came alert enough to know that the van was rolling and that my head was down at the coffee/drink holder..the next thing I know is that it was upright on its wheels the gossip in the neighborhood where I wrecked says I flipped 3 times...not sure how many times I flipped...all I know is that I was going back the other way when I I think I hit that deep culvert, went head over to top and then rolled back up on top...I havent been there to take any pictures of my van to see if this theory holds out and I will post when I do...maybe...
My elbow is like ground meat. and it had dirt. mud and glass in that means that at some point, it has touched the I am thinking that if I wasn't such a big ol girl, that i definitely would have been thrown I wasnt wearing my seatbelt because for a long time now, when it rained,the seatbelt would get wet down in the door where it rolled alot of times when it was or had been raining, I didn't put it on. Everyone that looked at the van commented on how I was lucky to be alive...I know I am....It is a blessing to know that God has bigger and better plans for you than death.
My right eye is black and blue and purple and any other color and swollen. I have terrible bruises aLL over me...some bruises, like the one on my coccyx, I have no idea how I got it and it keeps me from sitting,lying or pretty much anything!!! I can stand in a comfortable position...LOL So that's the scoop...I'm staying at Mom's and she is taking care of me...cause I can't get nothing on but a hospital gown at this point... thankfully,I can go to the restroom alone and she has a shower that has a "bench" in it, so I can do this alone....
I am one lucky person...I really know, it is funnywhen you think you have God's plan figured out...but really. we have no clue


Andrea said...

Left you a message today....Call me when you feel like it.

Love ya!!!!

Tracy said...

I hope you are doing better. i texted you. Please let me know if you need me. We are praying for you.
Love YA,

Crystal said...

Im glad your ok! Let me know if you need anything!! Love ya!

Kim said...

OMGosh!! Sherry!! Thank goodness you're ok, though battered and bruised! Is there anything I can do??