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When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wings

Weird things always happen to me... and then Lukas' humor shows up...

So we are driving on Hwy 107 between Greeneville and Erwin, which is a fairly straight road, and you know what that means...we are traveling at a slightly high rate of speed...probably about 65...and out of nowhere, a bird hits the hood of my car...and I can actually see feathers sticking up over the hood....gross....
So we continue driving, talking about how weird it is that a bird would hit our car....
Morgan says, "Mom, what time is is? Hurry, we are gonna be late...."
I said, "Morgan, I am going as fast as I can...I don't have wings..."

Are you ready for this??

Lukas said..."yeah, well, except those on the front of our car!"

Needless to say, we cracked up!!!!! We actually still laugh about this!!!
Obviously he is the funny kid that has to comment on everything the teacher says....He has had all women teachers so far and they just fall in love with his humor...BUT this year, he has a male teacher...and he told me last night that the teacher was telling them to be quiet and Lukas said he piped up and said..."yeah boys, or I will have to get my paddle out" and the teacher said to Lukas..."Lukas, I'm over it, get up here and sign the discipline list".
Serves him right! I think I will email the teacher and tell him to jerk a knot in his behind and he might quit thinking he is the class clown!!!!! LOL He is taking after his uncle Tim and Anthony and his Papaw Wayland...

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Sherry said...

so the kids are discussing this again tonight and laughing at Lukas statement. The bird hit us so hard it's beak bent...its legs were tucked behind was definitely an experience we wont forget...Linda Cutler got it out of your hood crack