Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I got robbed!!!!!!! My car was broken into!!!!Okay, so I went out of work at Nursing home at about 10:00pm to get in my car...Tom was coming out of front entrance, I was coming out of the side entrance...I noted my car wasn't where I put, even though I thought I had the only set of keys, I hollered at him and ask him if he had been in my then noted my billfold and change purse lying on the dash of the car...What??? Then when I looked in the window....My purse was poured out in the driver seat!!!!!!!!!!!!! car was moved from one parking place, directly across the lane to another parking car IS locked...but someone has been in it!!!! I am freaked out!!! Tom has then made his way to me..."I did not park here!!!!! My car has been moved....Someone's been in my car!!!" I felt like Baby Bear after Goldilocks had been in thier house...Tom immediately goes to tell the boss we have been broken in to... After talking to more employees, I realize that this has happened several times here and I need to call the law...I DO check my bank card is checkbook is 'crazy medication" is there... so from what I can tell, nothing is missing....but I still decide to call...I mean, the floor board is wet from where they had gotten IN MY CAR!!!!!! I felt so violated!!!! I had heard people use this term and never knew how they felt!!! I felt like my own stuff was Nasty!!!! Who had been touching it?? Who had sit in my seat?? I even picked up my billfold and smelled of it...

A laundry employee comes out and says she just came to work about 30 minutes ago and she saw a little silver Toyota parked beside it... so we figured that was our culprit..they saw her pull up, they got "spooked" and left everything. The cop was truly puzzled as to why someone would want to move the car??? How did they do it??? Why??? The opposite parking place was still dry where my car had sit!!! My clutch was still wet....

So a police report was filed... I wouldn't drive it home though....I didn't want to touch nothing in there...I got home before Tom...I was hesitant about going in the house...They knew where I lived!!!! I mean, my drivers license has my address, so does my checks!!! Should I go on in...It was dark on the steps...But I did and of course, everything was fine!!! Tom came in later and brought my purse and bag in...I didn't want to to even touch it!!!!!!

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