Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Thursday, August 14, 2008

OMG, He really CARES about ME!!!

I have had a few very "away from God" weeks in the past month...thoughts running rapid thru my mind of evil things, people distracting me from the Christian way, and I had gotten pretty low, in fact, that Tom even commented on my "God relationship". Well, as alot of you know, if Tom tells me something that I know is true,but don't want him to comment on, I am gonna either die trying to deny it or try to fix whatever is wrong...well, it just frustrates me in myself that Tom would say anything....Anyway, I had this problem, went to Bible study and asked for prayers...and obviously someone got ahold of God for me...On last Thurs night,I grabbed a devotional book beside my bed and started to spoke of how if you continue to do something even when your conscience is telling you "No", that eventually it will quit bothering you...(well, I knew that, but you know how it is when you want to do something and try every way to justify) On Friday, I opened the Bible to read a scripture and Man, oh Man, did that hit home also!!!! I mean wow!!! Was this God talking or what??? So I started thinking on Sunday morning as I awoke, how good God was to care about me and even take the time to remind me of where I was wrong...well, then, as I got to Sunday School, we were late, of course, I walked in and the teacher was teaching once again, exactly on the scripture I read on Friday...His last statement really got matter what you do, it will not affect only you! It will affect everyone around you...Talk about God REALLY speaking to now I am thinking how awesome He is!! I mean, he took the time to Show me...a person who should already know... that He cares for me...Tom's message on Sunday night was especially for me too... it made me realize that it was just the Devil tempting me and trying to get me to fail and no matter what, I can make it!!! So, I feel really know, people can tell you all your life that God cares for you, but when you realize it in ways like this, it means soo much!

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