Psalms 61;2b

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Friday, December 28, 2007


Did I ever say how much I HATE animals in the house...??? I can't stand it, I like cleanliness!!!!
I told Morgan that I coudn't wait till she and Lukas got at least 5 years old, cause that way, I didn't have to diaper them, wipe thier butt, feed them, clean up after them...etc. I am such a horrible person, I know, but I just don't like things I have to clean up after.
Now, TOM, on the other hand, would live in pure dog poop, I anyway, what got me so upset??? I had to come home today and the house had two piles of poop in it and it smelled bad!!! So that made me in a bad mood...yes, I know, the kids cleaned up after the dog, but still just the mess in my house...

Now, switching channels here...the puppy is so cute...I can't deny it. I just love it! Tom gave her a bath last night and she was mad at him and buried her head in the towel and wouldn't look at him...he went to her and lifted up her chin, but she just buried her head again! It was sooo cute... okay, so here is her picture...

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Kim said...

such a cutie pie!! stinky poop and all!!